PACHECO JANE is a line of handcrafted fine jewelry named after my female Californian ancestors and my truly old-soul and radiant daughter Jane.  

I am a 7th-generation Californian and a former U.S. Army attorney*. I’ve been a white-water rafting guide, ranch hand, hunting camp cook in Alaska, innkeeper, ski racer, kook surfer, commercial real estate investor, waitress, world traveler, wannabe cowgirl, pilates school drop-out, and art student.  I still don't know how to iron, but I can make killer tacos.

Like you, I’ve had powerful, curious, awful, humorous, and unexplainable events happen in my life that have shaped me and inspired my creative designs.   

Big experiences change you and the stories we tell about them are threaded throughout each of our lives.  I use jewelry as a medium to express these stories and to bring them to life. 

Through jewelry, I can transform a difficult, even ugly, incident into something that is funny and beautiful like the "YES! Whoops." charm necklace. 

As storytellers, many of us even have similar tales but the difference comes in how we express it. And that's when things get interesting. Inspired by the different chapters in my life, and optimistic about the new ones left to write, each piece of jewelry tells a bit of my story - and invites you to share some of yours. 

I created PACHECO JANE for YOU -  and every other adventurous, tenacious, and optimistic woman out there whose own story is unfolding.  

*Each quarter, we donate 5% of profits to organizations that support the men and women of our armed forces in gratitude for their service and their sacrifice.